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Mylar Covering

A newish technique is to use Mylar as a covering for model aircraft...

We now have this in stock at two widths

300mm                                          £1.50 a metre

600mm                                          £2.50 a metre

Try these links for instructional Videos..... I am sure there are more

Covering in Mylar

Tissue covering over Mylar

Heat Shrink Coverings

Profilm Easycote and Oracover

The professional model aircraft covering material

No slackening, wrinkling or sagging in sunlight - plus legendary strength and puncture-resistance!
This excellent polyester covering is highly temperature UNCRITICAL during application making it easy to use for all R/C model aircraft projects.
Here's how it works
As PROFILM is ironed on, it's integral adhesive melts onto the wood to guarantee a dynamic bond. However, when PROFILM is removed it does not leave layers of tacky colour pigment over your ribs or veneers because the pigment layer is not part of the adhesive layer - thanks to the Advanced Multi-Layer System that integrates these layers.


Tissue and Dope

We keep tissue in colours, dope and thinners together with Sanding Sealer

We also have water based dopes and epoxy ,,,,