Multiplex EasyGlider 4 KIT £89.99

Multiplex  EasyGlider 4 KIT






Technical specifications

Model character: electric glider models
Material: Elapor
Level: 2 Hobbies
Span in mm: 1800
RC functions: SR / HR / QR / Engine
Flying weight electric in grams: 1100
Flight time in minutes: 45
Total area load g per qdm: 27
Total area in qdm: 40
Battery types / cells: 3S LiPo
Construction time in minutes: 240






Multiplex BK EasyGlider 4

Product no .: 214332







The best EasyGlider ever!

The good-natured and robust electric glider EasyGlider 4 with ailerons in the 4th generation. Its particular strength is its easy use of thermals and upwinds with a low ground speed during gliding.
Following the motto: "Evolution instead of revolution", this ELAPOR® classic has been reworked and is being launched as 100% "Made in Germany". The MULTIPLEX EasyGlider is a cult and unmatched in its field. That's why the EasyGlider 4 had to remain a true MULTIPLEX EasyGlider.

What's new:
• Wings with super lightweight and high strength GRP square bar
• Rigid hull through M-Space technology
• Side and horizontal stabilizer detachable - easy transport
• Modern designed decal sheet with landing stage
• Efficient and lightweight ROXXY drive

For the kit we recommend the matching ROXXY drive kit # 33 2672; perfectly matched the MULTIPLEX to the EasyGlider 4. The ELAPOR® model can also be assembled easily and faster than its predecessor.

The EasyGlider 4 is a fun model that also looks good on aerobatics (looping, role, inverted flight, turn, ...).

• Optimized gliding characteristics
• Unwinding the thermals made easy by a very low ground speed
• Powerful, efficient brushless drive with S-BEC control, for fast climb and long flight times
• Super robust thanks to ELAPOR® construction
• Folding propeller with elegant plastic spinner
• Landing assistance by setting up the ailerons
• Transport-friendly due to removable wings, side and horizontal stabilizer
• Ample space in the fuselage allows the use of different battery sizes
• Comfortable battery change through the colored cabin hood








ELAPOR® molded parts for fuselage, wing, tail and canopy, GRP handlebar,
Folding Propeller 9x6 ", all plastic, small and plastic
Linkage parts, stamped decals and detailed instructions.