Profilm Easycote and Oracover

The professional model aircraft covering material

No slackening, wrinkling or sagging in sunlight - plus legendary strength and puncture-resistance!
This excellent polyester covering is highly temperature UNCRITICAL during application making it easy to use for all R/C model aircraft projects.
Here's how it works
As PROFILM is ironed on, it's integral adhesive melts onto the wood to guarantee a dynamic bond. However, when PROFILM is removed it does not leave layers of tacky colour pigment over your ribs or veneers because the pigment layer is not part of the adhesive layer - thanks to the Advanced Multi-Layer System that integrates these layers.

Solarfilm Products

Solarfilm are one of the largest model aircraft covering film manufacturers in the world. Their huge range of covering globally encompasses the world of R/C modelling.

An  iron-on, self-adhesive plastic film. Solarfilm is an economical plastic film covering (polypropylene), and is available in a wide range of solid, metallic, transparent and fluorescent colours and in a variety of sizes. It is easy to use with good shrinkage. Iron on and shrink tight with extra heat. Weight: 55-60gsm  

Another iron-on, self-adhesive plastic film. Solarspan is a thicker, stronger version of Solarfilm. It gives a smoother finish and is easy to work round wingtips etc. Weight 60-65gsm. Weights are in grams per square metre. 


Fabric like iron-on, self-adhesive plastic film. Solartex is a Fabric looking covering, which gives a matt cloth type look. It is therefore particularly suitable for Scale Models, and Models where a paint finish is to be added. Gives a good strong result