Model Technics Irvine Brew Fuels

Model Technics Aircraft & Heli Fuels

Only available in store at present

Only available in store at present we stock mainly :-

Formula Irvine range from this supplier for Aircraft use....

Based on the Klotz Oil so much a favourite ith modellers, it is renowned for long reliable use in motors


Choose from :-

Sport                 (5% Nitro)

Contest            (10% Nitro)

Champion       (20% Nitro)

Formula Irvine is a range of fuels containing the well known Klotz Super Techniplate oil and up to 30% nitromethane. With a total oil content of 18% this fuel is highly recommended by Ripmax for all OS and Irvine Engines. Super Techniplate oil contains 20% Castor.