JP EnErG Pro NiMH 4.8v Flat £5.99

JP EnErG Pro NiMH 4.8v Flat

Good general Use Cheap Receiver Battery

General Battery information

JP EnErg Pro Nimh series are competition performance power packs and R/C equipment packs at fabulous prices.
EnErg Pro Nimh series include individual SC (sub-C cells) with a large selection of AA and sub C packs suitable for maximum performance with aircraft, helicopters, boats and cars capable of 20C+ discharge rates. Packs are factory balanced guaranteeing you an astonishing power experience.
Discharge rates
EnErg Pro Nimh cells feature incredibly low internal resistance which enables the cells to discharge at higher rates and lower temperatures.
High discharge cells (H) are capable of discharge rates of 10C+
The ultra high discharge cells (HH) can sustain discharge rates of 20C+!
Charge rates
The RECOMMENDED charge rate for these cells is 1/10th of the rated capacity (C/10), I.e. if the cell capacity is 2100mAh, the recommended charge rate is 210mA (0.2A).
The MAXIMUM manufacturer-recommended charge rate for these cells is 1C (1 x the capacity or the cell).
High quality multi-strand silicone wire with gold-plated Tamiya-style connectors are fitted to many packs. Many packs feature twin connectors for both power use and/or R/C receiver and servo use. Many of these packs are ideal for high performance digital servo installations.

IMPORTANT - NiMH battery safety
CAUTION very high power batteries MAY EXPLODE IF MISUSED!
Disconnect cells IMMEDIATELY if they become HOT to the touch when charging or discharging.
Never charge/discharge HOT cells.
Never heat or dispose of batteries in fire.
Never disassemble batteries. Electrolyte is highly corrosive.
Never short-circuit batteries.
Do not insert batteries with their polarities reversed.
Do not mix old and new batteries together
Do not use leaking, deformed or abnormal batteries.
Recycle the battery at the end of it's working life - do not dispose of the battery in normal waste bins.
Be sure to use an appropriate charger for your batteries and follow the charging instructions correctly.
Consult your supplier or J Perkins distribution Ltd for details if anything is unclear or further information is required.