Bob Smith Cyano

Bob Smith Cyano

SOLD IN STORE ONLY, in 14g tubes

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Thin, Medium, or Thick


Very well known in the USA, Bob Smith Industries, founded in 1983 are one of the market leaders in adhesive technology and their quality control procedures ensure that only the very best materials are used in their products guaranteeing long shelf life and success in use, time after time.

Each of the glues has been extensively developed and manufactured using the finest materials to deliver the best bond possible matching its individual properties to its proposed application.

Cyano (Superglue)


Water thin viscosity means that Insta-Cure will wick deep into a joint by capillary action and set within seconds. Surfaces to be bonded should be accurately fitting and should be kept in tight contact while curing takes place. The CA can be applied around the edges of the join and will penetrate by capillary action. Because of its capacity to penetrate finely porous surfaces Insta-Cure is ideal for bonding balsa wood as it penetrates into the wood producing a join that is more substantial than just purely a surface bond.


A higher viscosity CA, Insta-Cure+ is best suited for bonding surfaces that are less well fitting, the higher viscosity allowing the medium to bridge any gaps that are present in the joint. Typically the adhesive is applied to one surface after which the parts are held firmly together while curing takes place. For laminating, where larger surface areas are bonded Insta-Cure+ is the ideal choice. Laying down beads of glue across the surface prevents premature curing and bringing the surfaces together causes the beads to spread out optimising the contact area that is bonded.


For the best performance with most plastics it also performs well with fibreglass, metal, hardwood and rubber. Used in conjunction with Insta-Set it can be used to great effect for modifying or filling voids. When cured it can be sculptured with a knife or blade, can be sanded and fine feathered producing a finish that is indistinguishable from plastic.