Bob Smith Foam Friendly Cyano

Bob Smith Foam Friendly Cyano

SOLD IN STORE ONLY, in 14g tubes

Available in

Thin, Medium, or Thick


Very well known in the USA, Bob Smith Industries, founded in 1983 are one of the market leaders in adhesive technology and their quality control procedures ensure that only the very best materials are used in their products guaranteeing long shelf life and success in use, time after time.

Each of the glues has been extensively developed and manufactured using the finest materials to deliver the best bond possible matching its individual properties to its proposed application.

For the most part the fumes that CA’s emit during the curing process although unpleasant don’t actually do any harm. If however sensitivity is an issue, or perhaps the working area where the CA is being used is unable to receive adequate ventilation, odourless CABoth of these CA’s are completely odourless during curing, so no irritation to nose or eyes, are non-blooming and only take a few seconds longer to bond than the standard versions. They are not as strong as regular CA and are much more expensive to produce but in situations when a lot of gluing is being done such as the saturation of fibreglass cloth when laminating they provide an escape from exposure to the irritating and unpleasant fumes of the evaporating monomer.

In addition Super-Gold’s don’t attack white foam so they can be used in the construction of foam core wings and the repair of any of the many foam based ARF’s that are available nowadays. The non-blooming property also makes them the best choice for plastic kit construction with clear parts like canopies, although Super-Gold is still the best choice for assembly of the rest of the kit.