Radian 2 Metre Sailplane Basic With Receiver LAST ONE £154.99

Radian 2 Metre Sailplane Basic With Spektrum AR400 Receiver

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1300mAh 3S 11.1v LiPo required - not included

480 size 960 Kv Brushless Motor Included

Outdoors: Powered Glider



1300mAh 3S 11.1v LiPo (PKZ1033) not included

E-Flite 30A Pro Brushless EFLA1030 included

2 x sub-micro servos included





The original ParkZone® Radian™ airplane introduced many to the elegant simplicity of thermal soaring. Made of durable Z-foam™ material and equipped with a smooth, efficient brushless power system, it gave RC pilots a level of enjoyment that’s made flying with a glider the perfect activity even for grabbing a quick flight. This E-Flite® Radian motor glider carries on the design with improvements to the airframe for an even easier soaring experience.

It’s all about enjoying the serenity of soaring. With no Hi-start or cumbersome launch system to worry about, the built-in high-power electric motor system and lightweight construction of the Radian motor glider delivers a soaring experience that’s hassle-free. The distinctive, 2-meter span elliptical polyhedral wing allows it to efficiently capture lift and deliver excellent manoeuvrability with the simplicity of three-channel control. The 480-class brushless motor not only gives the Radian glider outstanding climb performance, its efficiency with the recommended battery will allow you to climb back up to altitude to chase those thermals multiple times on a single charge.

Industry-Leading Control
The full-range Spektrum™ AR400 receiver installed into this E-flite® Radian™ motor glider combines the speed and precision of DSMX® technology with the signal security of an active amplified antenna. This antenna enables the AR400 receiver to “see around” reflective materials, like the motor and battery, so you don’t have to worry about antenna polarisation blind spots. It also allows the AR400 receiver to pick out your transmitter signal with remarkable clarity even in the noisiest 2.4GHz environments. All of this is complemented by SmartSafe™ failsafe protection and the security of Spektrum™ QuickConnect™ technology that provides lightning-fast reconnection so you can be confident of being in complete command.

Z-Foam™ Material
Exclusive Z-Foam material makes it possible to create a design that’s lightweight and surprisingly durable. Any repairs are simple to make with just about any fast-setting glue.

Bolt-On Wing
The two-piece, plug-in wings feature carbon-fibre tube support and the long-lasting security of a mounting tab that connects each wing half with a single screw.

Outrunner Power
The efficient power system of the E-flite Radian motor glider features an 960Kv outrunner, 30A brushless ESC with the brake enabled and a folding two-blade propeller.