Ultra Micro Radian BNF £79.99

Ultra Micro Radian BNF

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8.5mm coreless brushed motor





418mm (16.5in)

12T Waterproof ESC

1S 3.7V 150mAh 45C Lipo

730mm (28.7in)

The First AS3X Technology Equipped Ultra Micro Motor Glider, The E-flite. UMX™ Radian™ is a powered sailplane that packs all the simple fun of the larger ParkZone Parkflyer into a much smaller package.

An absolute delight to fly inside a large arena, AS3X technology gives this ultra micro the feeling of flying a much larger glider especially outdoors because of its renowned ability to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence.

Its distinctively curved wing delivers outstanding lift and impressive manoeuvrability using 3-channel control simplicity. The lightweight brushed power system requires just a single-cell LiPo battery to provide excellent launch performance and long flight times. Plus the one-piece wing can be easily removed and stored in the handle-equipped box making your ability to soar through the clouds as convenient as can be.

For maximum glide efficiency, the ESC is specially programmed to work with the folding propeller so it opens quickly and folds back to streamline the airframe and with the removal of just two screws the fuselage and wing can be separated for easy transport and storage within the custom packaging provided.