Ares fokker DV11 RTF Hitec Red £59.99

Ares fokker DV11 RTF Hitec Red

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  • Wingspan: 15.63in. (398mm)
  • Wing Chord: Upper: 2.875in. (72mm), Lower: 2.12in. (54mm)
  • Length: 12.0in. (305 mm)
  • Wing Area: 432 sq. cm
  • Weight with Battery: 1.0oz (29g)
  • Battery: 1S 3.7V 70mAh Li-Po
  • Motor:  Brushed Geared
  • Propellor:  4.7x2.75 (120x70mm) Micro Scale
  • Transmitter:  4-Channel 2.4GHz Hitec Red-enabled transmitter
  • 3-in-1 Control:  Hitec Red Compatible Receiver, 2 Servos, ESC

Pair to fly also available £10.00 cheaper...

Bind to your favourite Hitec Transmitter

Fokker D.VII - Knights of the Sky: Ultra-micro

Hitec Red technology is trusted by pilots worldwide to provide a supremely reliable and responsive radio link. Incorporating Hitech's AFHSS (Adaptive Frequencey Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, Hitec Red offers a simple, cost-effective solution for pilots looking to fly any model from the growing range of Hitec Red enabled aircraft from Ares.

Pair to fly with total confidence.

Pair to Fly

Ready to Fly or Pair to Fly

Technically advanced, the Fokker D.VII incorporates a Hitec Red 2.4GHz radio system that’s compatible with all current 2.4GHz Hitec aircraft transmitters.

The Fokker D.VII Story

Fokker D.VII RTFWidely regarded as Germany's finest fighter of World War I, the Fokker D.VII had a short wartime career as it was introduced towards the end of the war in 1918. Pilots praised the aircraft's handling and ease of operation. Some 1000 examples were produced before the Armistice of November 1918 and manufacture continued post-war until a total of 3,300 had been built.

The Ares [air-eez] Fokker D.VII is a lightweight three-channel ultra-micro semi-scale model of the original. It features durable foam construction and numerous scale touches such as a scale engine and machine gun detail together with 4-color lozenge camouflage wings. Technically advanced the Fokker D.VII incorporates a Hitec Red 2.4GHz receiver that's compatible with all current Hitec 2.4GHz aircraft transmitters. For convenience, two versions of the model are available both supplied with Hitec Red protocol: choose either Ready To Fly (including a Hitec Red-enabled transmitter and receiver) or Pair To Fly (supplied with a Hitec Red receiver that's compatible with your existing Hitec air transmitter).

Weighing only an ounce, the Fokker D.VII is ideal for indoor flight or outdoor flight in calm conditions.