Ares Crusader II RTF: UK Charger £199.99

Ares Crusader II RTF: UK Charger


What's in the box

  • 1 x Crusader II airframe.
  • 1 x 3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo.
  • 1 x 12V DC 3S LiPo balance charger.
  • 1 x Mains adapter.
  • 1 x Pre-installed 750kV brushless motor.
  • 1 x Pre-installed 40A brushless ESC.
  • 4 x Pre-installed 9g servos.
  • 1 x Pre-installed Hitec Red-enabled KA-6 6-channel receiver.
  • 1 x Hitec Red-enabled 2.4GHz IKONNIK KA-6 6-channel transmitter.

Crusader II: For the Perfect Start
Crusader II Video

Advanced EPO Airframe

As an aspiring RC pilot the one thing you need from a trainer is resilience. Accidents will happen and when they do you need to know that your model can shrug it off or, if the worst happens, be easy to repair. The Crusader’s lightweight, durable, EPO airframe design offers the reassurance you need.

Hitec Red

Hitec Red technology is trusted by pilots worldwide to provide a supremely reliable and responsive radio link. Incorporating AFHSS (Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, it’s perfect for aircraft ranging from micro quadcopters to giant warbirds. Look for any models with Hitec Red technology and just pair to fly with total confidence. All Hitec 2.4GHz air transmitters use Hitec Red technology.

Pair to fly with total confidence.

Ready to Fly or Pair to Fly

To suit your requirements, two convenient versions of the Crusader are available, both incorporating Hitec Red protocol: choose either Ready to Fly (including a Hitec Red-enabled transmitter and receiver) or Pair to Fly (supplied with a Hitec Red receiver that’s compatible with your existing Hitec air transmitter).

Guaranteed Performance

Sporting a 750kV brushless motor coupled to a 12 x 8” propeller, a 40A ESC and an industry-standard 3S 2200mAh LiPo, power is not something the Crusader lacks. So, when your confidence grows and you’re ready to stretch its legs, the Crusader will respond with an abundance of power.


Buy the Ready to Fly package and you’ll also get an IKONNIK KA-6 2.4GHz 6-channel transmitter with servo reversing and delta mix as standard. What’s more, because the KA-6 uses Hitec Red radio technology it will pair with all Hitec Red-enabled models.

The Crusader II Story

Ares Crusader II Ultra-Micro RTF Quad

Eye-catching in its bright semi-scale color scheme, the Ares Crusader II not only looks right, it’s been designed to fly right. Perfectly placed to take the complete beginner from tentative first hops to basic aerobatics and beyond, a close look at the airframe and the well-appointed powertrain will have experienced pilots raising a wry smile in approval.

From its classic Clark-Y high-lift wing and fully symmetrical stabilizer section, through the stable, high ground clearance, trike undercarriage layout, to the roomy fuselage and resilient EPO foam construction, this is an airplane that puts function and form on an equal footing, as a look inside will confirm.

Here, the powerful 750kV brushless outrunner and 40A Electronic Speed Controller — coupled to a stock 3S 2200mAh Li-Po — are perfectly suited to the ample 12 x 8” propeller, resulting in enough power to tackle that crucial training function, yet perform aerobatics with ease. As a beginner, you’ll immediately appreciate the Crusader’s docile and forgiving flight envelope, while those with experience will delight in its versatility and outstanding performance. The Ares Crusader II is, quite simply, the perfect one-stop solution to grass-roots training and progression to basic aerobatics.