Multiplex Extra 330SC Indoor Edition 214335

Multiplex Extra 330SC Indoor Edition 214335 £56.90 £52.00

Model character: Acromodelle
Material: EPP
Level: 2 hobby
Wingspan in mm: 850
RC functions: SR / HR / QR / motor
Weight of the aircraft in grams: 175
Flight time in minutes: 6
Types of batteries / cells: 2S LiPo
Construction time in min .: 180

THE Indoor-Extra 330SC
The MULTIPLEX Extra 330SC Indoor Edition is the perfect introduction to the world of 3D art flying. Designed by Gernot Bruckmann and in its well-known, light blue design, the kit is a "must have" for all EXTRA and 3D aerobatics fans. The EPP model is very robust and forgives almost every mistake. All imaginable aerobatics are possible with the model.


Color-coded EPP parts for the fuselage, surfaces, tailpieces and chassis.
CFRP spars for the wings and the fuselage, CFRP suspension strut,
Bikes. All plastic small and articulated parts required for assembly.
Detailed instructions.