Multiplex Funray KIT 214334 £169.99

Multiplex Funray KIT 214334


Flight weight glider in grams: 1790
Model characteristics: Electric gliding models
Material: Elapor
Level: 3 Advanced
Wingspan in mm: 2000
RC functions: SR / HR / QR / spoiler / engine
Weight of the aircraft electrical in grams: 1790
Flight time in minutes: 20
Total surface load per gdm: 45
Total area in qdm: 40
Types of batteries / cells: 3S LiPo
Construction time in min .: 240

With the MULTIPLEX FUNRAY a new era of the ELAPOR® models begins!
The kit model of this elegant 4-flap electric sailor inspires with dynamic sailing. The FUNRAY has excellent all-round features, and is equally suitable on slopes and in thermals. After steep descent with Butterfly, point-accurate landing is a children's game. The FUNRAY convinces with incredible speed and precision in the aerobatics. There was no such thing in the ELAPOR® sailplane models yet! This performance is made possible thanks to its modern hybrid construction in the composite of carbon fiber, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and the special ELAPOR® construction foam. We recommend the FunRay (# 1-00103), the HITEC-ServoSet with cable set M6 / UNI (# 1-00113) and the Flugakku ROXXY EVO LiPo 3 - 3200M 30C (# 1-00482) for the best performance.

Designed and Made in Germany!

The list of innovative new features is long:
• Exceptional performance of a foam model
• Extremely robust wings and robust height control system by means of plastic nose strips and aluminum-carbon fiber composite braces
• Forcing the servo contacts with M6 high current plugs in the wings (# 1-00112)
• Removable wings and helices
• Removable side rudder with hollow hinges
• Extremely stiff fuselage in M-Space technology and continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with 4-sided profile tube, GRP belts and form-fitting connections from the engine frame to the tailplane beam
• Highly performance brushless drive set (# 1-00103) with 500 watt power available as an option
• Carbon fiber reinforced folding propeller (# 1-00091) available as an option
• Very high-quality UV-resistant decor, designed by Mirco Pecorari
• Land protection skids made of solid stone impact protection film
• Trim chamber in the rear
• Very high performance, very precise flying through 6x Hitec Premiumservos HS-65HB with carbonite transmission (# 1-00113) available as an option
• Unbreakable cab cover made of dyed EPP material
• Transparent cab cover with cockpit (# 1-00138) available as an option
• All rudder flaps reinforced with stainless steel pipes
• Spacious and tidy interior for battery and RC components


ELAPOR® molded parts for the fuselage, wing, tailpipes and EPP cab cover, CFK-ALU-spar,
all plastic, small and articulated parts required for assembly, spinners, drivers,
Spannzange, punched decor sheet and detailed instructions.